Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paris a Day: #3

Today was a free day. No meetings, check-ins, or classes scheduled. My roommate and I decided to use it exploring the neighborhood surrounding the Cité Universitaire. We walked around the 14eme arrondissement ducking into book shops, markets, and cafés. All the while trying to communicate in spotty French to the locals. Don't believe a word anyone says about the French being rude, I have found everyone to be completely charming and forgiving as I try to communicate with them... sometimes with hilarious results.

After a lovely lunch at a local café and a walk back to the dorms, we rested and prepared notes and mapped out where we are to meet our professor for tomorrow's planned adventure.

We went out again this time directly across the street into the historic Parc Montsouris. This is such a magnificent park filled with people picnicking, children playing, joggers, dog walkers, ducks, geese, fish, birds of all sorts, flowers, and couples sitting hand in hand on park benches. I can't wait until I am able to take my family to this park... someday.

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  1. I agree...a little attempt at using French goes a long way! The Parisians were great to me, except when I asked for ketchup for my fries! Ha! Thanks for your postings and have fun tomorrow.