Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Painting the Streets

The first weekend in October means it's time for me to hit the streets! No, I haven't found a new career in the world's "oldest profession." It's time for the Santa Clarita Festival of the Arts! (formerly The City of Santa Clarita Street Art Festival) where Susanne and I will spend 2 days knelt down on the burning asphalt of Old Town Newhall, chalk in hand as we re-create a beautiful work of art by Taiwanese artist, Der Jen (Dezhen).

Also, for all you Santa Clarita locals, a poster of Susanne and our artwork from last year (Oiran by Audrey Kawasaki) is featured at the bus stop in front of College of the Canyons. This was taken last year by the talented, Ryan Resella ( ). This was one of ten artworks that won the honor of being an official advertisement for the festival.

Santa Clarita Festival of the Arts
Old Town Newhall
Oct. 3 & Oct. 4

Come visit us!