Friday, September 30, 2011

Updates From the Pavement

I have had some wonderful art experiences this Summer.  I spent two weeks in an art workshop held by CSU Summer Arts on the CSU Fresno Campus, exploring my artistic voice in oil painting.  I met some amazing young artists, and had the pleasure to study under some extraordinary contemporary painters and art critics.  The lessons learned from this two week workshop are invaluable. 

After returning I participated in an art walk in Canoga Park.  It was very casual and an excellent opportunity to catch up with old artist friends I've met over the years, and make some new ones.

I've also participated in some street painting events.  One was in Palo Alto, which is such a charming area.  The artists were all dedicated and talented, and the community was very appreciative of all the art that we created on their roadways for the duration of the weekend. 
Theresa Knopf Morgan pastel on asphalt, Palo Alto 2011 - Young Italian Girl after Charles Zacharie Landelle
It was lovely to be surrounded by artists and art lovers alike.  The highlight of the festival though, was that my Uncle and cousins from the area, who had never seen me street paint in person, came for a visit.  It was so moving to me to be able to show my family this very specific art form that I am extremely passionate about.

More recently I was commissioned to do a piece at a Fine Art exhibit at Victoria Gardens Cultural Center in Rancho Cucamonga.  As Summer was coming to a close, I chose to interpret a piece that showed a summer scene that was both nostalgic and peaceful. 
Theresa Knopf Morgan pastel on concrete Rancho Cucamonga, 2011 - Two Girls at the Beach after Hermann Seeger
This particular piece was different for me as it moved beyond portraiture and had the figures in a landscape.  It also posed a challenge as there were different concrete textures that caused my pastels to adhere in two different ways.  But when you are drawing on the street, you always have to be prepared for whatever challenges come your way.

Street painting season is not over yet.  In a few weeks I'll be participating with several other artists in recreating the Sistine Chapel in Little Italy, San Diego.  And then I am off to the International Street Painting  festival in Sarasota, Florida to paint alongside some of the best street painters / madonnari / pavement artists in the world.  More updates about that soon!